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10 defined Kissing Spots and 13 kissing Styles

According to Kamasutra there are 10 defined Kissing Spots and 13 kissing styles You need to know. One can kiss on forehead, eyes, cheeks, throat,bosom, lips, and the interior of the mouth, on the joints of the thighs, arms and navel.

  • If a girl only touches the mouth of her lover with her own, but does not initiate any action herself, this is called a nominal kiss.
  • If a girl, setting aside her shyness, wishes to touch the lip pressed onto her mouth and moves her lower lip but not the upper one, this is known as throbbing kiss
  • When a girl touches her lover’s lips with her tongue, closes her eyes and places her hands on those of her lover,is known as touching kiss.
  • If the lips of two lovers are brought into direct contact with each other is known as straight kiss
  • If the heads of two lovers are bent towards each other and they kiss, this described as a bent kiss
  • When one of them turns up the other’s face by holding the head and chin, and then kisses him/her known as turned kiss.
  • In above three kinds of kisses, when one presses the lower lip of the other with great force,is known as pressed kiss.
  • If a woman looks at her lover while he is asleep and kisses him to show her desire to unite,this is a kiss known as kindles love kiss.
  • If a woman kisses her lover while he is engaged in business, or quarreling with her, or paying attention to something else, this would be a kiss that turns away.
  • When a lover coming home late at night kisses his beloved who is asleep on her bed, to show her his desire, this is a kiss that awakens.
  • A person who kisses the reflection of the loved one in a mirror, in water, or on the shadow on a wall, gives a kiss showing intention.
  • When a person kisses a child sitting on his lap; or a picture, an image or figure in the presence of the person loved by him, this becomes a transferred kiss.
  • When a woman massaging her lover’s body, places her face on his thigh as if she is sleepy, to inflame his passion, and kisses his thigh or great toe, this is called a demonstrative kiss.

Keep these kissing styles in mind,Learn when to use them on the defined kissing spots, which will enhance your love making and greater pleasure between both of you.

Whatever things may be done by one of the lovers to the other, the same should be returned by the other; if the woman kisses him, he should kiss her in return; if she strikes him, he should also strike her in return