The 8 different kind of Embrace indicates the mutual love of a man and woman. According to kamasutra There are different kinds of embrace which signifies love and passion makes them to come together.

Touching embrace
Touching embrace

If a man goes in front or alongside a woman and touches her on his own is called Touching embrace.

If a Women bends down to pick something and presses her breasts against her man sitting or standing and the man takes hold of her is called Piercing embrace

rubbing embrace
rubbing embrace

When two lovers walking together slowly, either in the dark, or in a public or a lonely place, rub their bodies against each other, this is called rubbing embrace.

When two lovers walking and presses the other’s body forcibly against a wall or pillar or to a tree this is called pressing embrace.

When a woman clings to a man like a creeper twines around a tree, pulls his head down to hers to kiss Him makes a slight purring sound, embraces Him, and looks lovingly at him, this embrace is called twining of a creeper.

When a woman places one of her feet on the foot of her lover, and the other on his thigh, passes one of her arms round his back, and the other on his shoulders; makes a slight sound of humming and cooing, and climbs up towards him to get a kiss is called climbing a tree.

embrace of breasts-twining of a creeper

When one of the two lovers presses one or both thighs of the other between his or her own forcibly is called embrace of thighs.If a man places his breast between the nipples of a woman and squeezes them, this is called the embrace of breasts.

Embrace of Forehead-Lovers touches Mouth
embrace of forehead.

Lovers touches the mouth, eyes and forehead of each other with his or her own, this is called rubbing embrace.

Once the wheel of love is set in motion, there is then no order to follow.

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