Amazing Top Positions of Women

Aha… control. Sometimes it seems that sex is all about control, and so much of that sexual control is all about the man, and how he exercises it. That is what makes women on top positions so revolutionary in some ways. It is a chance for both parties to switch roles and try something new.

Having your women on top can take many different forms, all of which are discussed in the following sections, but what makes the biggest difference from other sexual positions is the control that the women have in these sexual endeavors.

There is a general assumption that men have all the power in sex and that practicing women-dominant sexual position is somehow a completely female power issue. But if you look more closely it is clearly noted that in many ways giving up some of the responsibility for pleasure in bed can give men a break, and a chance to lie back and enjoy the ride. Instead of worrying about lasting and thrusting and making sure that your women orgasms, being on the bottom and in a less active role, can let men focus on their breathing and their pleasure.

At precisely the same moment this means that women, who, for the most part have always been at the mercy of their lover to achieve pleasure, can charge forward in search of their orgasm. They can position their lover’s penis so that it hits all their hot spots, or so that they can grind their man’s pelvis against their clitoris. By taking control of their sexuality women can sometimes be able to enjoy it more and more likely get what they are looking for from the sexual experiences.

Women on our panel have suggested that a man that loves to ridden or at least enjoys more women dominated sexual positions, can gain access to secret sexual desires far more than a selfish lover. Listen up boys, this is for you as much as it is for her.

Different Styles of Lustful Top Positions of Women

Acrobat, Amazon,Armchair,Cowgirl,Asian Cowgirl, Fusion,Mastery,Reverse Mastery, Inverted Missionary,Inverted Rear Entry,Seesaw

Amazing Top Positions of Women

From the above which is your favorite top best position which gives your more excitement and pleasure filled Position, Do share your Experience