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The student meets a Hot Latina babe who often gives him a ride after classes, now it’s his turn to return the favor, but this time she’s gonna be riding on him!

It was during my late course studies, and I was as nervous as hell. I somehow couldn’t find the time to balance between my College, my girlfriend, my part-time job at a supermarket, and the course, which I had decided to take for better grade. I still can’t quite remember why I did it, but there we go. The course was a bit way away from where I lived, and it meant I had to rely on the dear old trains, which delivered my ass up to the place. But that was not the end of my adventures because I had to cover a 15 minute walk towards the studies. So, it took my a bit long to get to the courses than I could expect.

Luckily, I found a good friend on the course, who was so glad to give me a ride. She would offer me a ride to the train station where I might have a use of late runs. I was very grateful to Gianna for what she did, and throughout the 3 month course, I started to look forward to the end of the night more and more often. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend, but there was something about Gianna which made me kind of forgetting about her. She was a bit shorter than me, Latina, with beautiful light brown skin, a good, mildly curvy figure, and a round ass to kill for! She was a couple of years older than me, but looked so fucking young and petite.

We found out we had the much in common and often talked things we were both interested in. I never mentioned my girlfriend to her, because afterwards some really bad and dirty naughty ideas formed in my mind about what I would like to do with this Latina babe.

So, after the penultimate lesson, we were driving back as usual, and I decided it was time to at least try and do something. So, just before we were about to turn off for the station, I decided to ask her whether she would like to go for a quick drink. She said OK. And it made me feel very pleased. We decided to go to a pub just after the turn off, I got her a beer and myself a whiskey and coke. We sat down, pleased to be in the warm.

Gianna looked stunning. She was wearing a ladies trouser suit, high heels and a purple top. She’d been to a job interview beforehand, and told me how much she wanted to start work there, because her old job was becoming more boring and routine. I smiled, and listened, but what I really wanted to do was tell her how much I wanted to fuck her brains out…

“You see, my dad’s work is a bit to close to my current job, so I just feel like I’m being watched all the time by him. This new office is located far, so it is much better.” Yes, there were usual words, but imbued with an unintentionally sexual nature, just by the fact that she was speaking them.

We finished our drinks and went back towards Gianna’s car. However, when we got inside, Gianna looked at me in a certain unmistakable way, which certainly made my cock grow in my jeans.

ladies trouser suit, high heels and a purple top- Hot Latina babe

“I think I might have made you miss your train, honey” She was always like this, and I never made much of attention of it.

“Well, yeah, maybe, but there is gonna be another one, in half an hour, so I can wait”

“Even so,” she said as she touched my thigh, and I felt as if my trousers were about to explode. She went on:

“That means there’s something I would like to show you, I don’t know if you have ever seen it, and it is less than 5 minutes drive from here. Come on.”

With that, she drove off, leaving me mildly puzzled.

She was right, well, as always. It was a small local community’s park. The small park was really nice, especially in the dusk. In daylight lots of people would go and have fun over here, but now it was desolated and so lonely. The car park next to it was deserted, and we spent a quick 3 minutes in there, before walking back out towards her car. Before we got to it, my hand brushed against hers, and she gripped it, sending shockwaves through me. Surely, she wasn’t going to make my fantasies come true? Or I was simply going in the clouds?

Gianna turned around, with her back to the car, and started kissing me. I responded, maneuvering my tongue into her mouth, only removing my lips to kiss her neck. She reacted with eagerness, because she sighed and moaned slowly. My head was in a whirl. Was this the right thing to do? Was it a dream or ordinary and banal reality? What about my girlfriend? Where was this going…ohhh, Gianna had started to rub the front of my jeans.

“Not yet, babe!” she giggled: “I want you to do something for me, first.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I think you should”, Gianna purred, undoing her trousers and slowly removing them, “get on your knees and eat me out.”

She moaned to me, as I was tasting her, which made me even hornier. I stuck a finger inside her as I went down to kiss her toes! I was so fucking turned on by Gianna that I was eager to undo my jeans and start jacking off. She grounded herself into my face and started grunting and shaking and juicing. I was thrilled that I had made her cum, and I was still in a daze when she brought me to my feet and started kissing me again. I responded while placing my hand in her breasts.

Her answer to that was to remove her top and undo her bra.

“Suck my tits, babe!” she shivered, and I did as I was told. As I tasted her lovely brown nipples, she reached down and undid my belt, removing my jeans and grabbing on to my erect cock. She rubbed it gently as I sucked her tits, picking up pace as she did so.

Suddenly, she pulled away from my tit sucking. I thought she was going to get off and drive, but instead she went down and started to suck my cock. I thought I was about to explode in her mouth, it felt so good. However, after just a while, she got back up, kissed me again, and then took my cock and walked towards the car. When we got there, Gianna bent over it and purred:
“Come on, babe, you want to fuck me, don’t you?”

I gulped and said just yes, I would, and I slowly entered her sopping wet cunt from behind, squeezing her tits tightly at the same time. My cock slid straight up there as she moaned, taking my length with her juicy wet cunt. I grabbed her hips and I slapped her hot brown ass lightly as I fucked her hole,wasn’t long before she started moaning again as I brought my beautiful Latina course mate to her second orgasm of the night.

Her contractions and convulsions nearly finished me off, which I think she sensed. She moved off my throbbing cock, and knelt down again to suck me to the end! It only took a couple of sucks before I unloaded into Gianna’s gorgeous mouth. She swallowed it, and then moved up and we kissed as we put our clothes back on.

She drove me to the station – of course, I had already missed another train, and the next one wasn’t for another hour, so we stroked, sucked, kissed and licked each other in her car while we waited – and then I went home, happy and exhausted.

I saw Gianna again the week after that, when everyone from the class went out and, apparently, we couldn’t keep our lips off each other. We even sneaked into the pub toilet and she let me fuck her in the ass, but after that, we didn’t see each other again.

Now I am still with my girlfriend and I love her very much, but time after time I get back to the night when I spent a few wonderful hours with gorgeous Hot Latina babe

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